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Group Therapy and Individual Counseling For Addiction Treatment Sacramento CA


Group Therapy and Individual Counseling For Addiction Treatment Sacramento CA

According to the U.S. Department of Justice, Sacramento and the surrounding communities are prime targets for drug traffickers making their way between Canada and Mexico. Local law enforcement officials state that the city has become a pit stop for large deliveries of cocaine, heroin, marijuana and MDMA. Those caught up in the local drug culture can seek ways to escape the continuous cycle of consumption, but changing this lifestyle requires a serious commitment that involves detox and intense counseling. Individual and group therapies serve as the means to a sober life.

Individual Therapy

During individual therapy sessions, clients meet with a counselor or a therapist in a private setting and uncover what started the dependency on alcohol or drugs. Many of those addicted turn to illicit substances or prescription drugs as a means of dealing with emotional challenges or mental disorders. In this dual diagnosis state, an individual deals with anxiety, depression, stress or other problems by escaping into addiction. Therapy helps to resolve suppressed feelings and negative thought patterns and teaches clients more effective ways of handling situations and making decisions. The number of sessions required varies and may range from making daily visits to attending therapy two or three times per week.

Group Therapy

Addiction specialists have also found that group meetings attended by addicts and guided by a trained specialist are beneficial to each participant’s recovery. In each session, members discuss topics that are pertinent to dependency and recovery. Clients share stories with the group recounting mistakes and successes that often help other members. The gathering also serves to build honest, trusting relationships while eliminating feelings of loneliness and isolation. Clients will also acquire strategies and techniques that aid in relapse prevention.

Family Counseling

Therapists often meet with the families of addicts to explore the dynamics of relationships and provide the opportunity for personal and group healing. Through counseling, families learn to effectively communicate with and support someone who is recovering. Some meetings involve working with a therapist privately and others take place with the addicted family member in attendance. If you, a friend or a family member continue to lead a dangerous, addicted lifestyle, find help by contacting us at (530) 204-5366.

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